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Please read the official rules before applying. Please type your answers in a separate document and submit your final answers here.

Your application and any awards will be kept confidential.

There are 3 different questions to encourage well-rounded community members and allows for different applicants with different strengths and needs to be eligible.

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You can re-submit at any time if you have updated answers. All answers must be re-submitted even if only one answer has changed.
Dance Goals:
What are your dance goals for the next 6 months? What do you intend to work on in the private lesson? (Try to be specific)

Community Outreach:
How are you involved in the dance community?

Diversity & Inclusion:
Do you identify as a part of a marginalized community (racial identity, disability, orientation, etc)? If so, please briefly describe how it has affected your experience in the dance scene.

Please attest the following to be eligible:

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