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Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply?

Anyone living in the 50 United States, over 16 years old, below the All-Star level, and an individual income under $70,000 per year.

Do I need to apply each month?

Your application is active for 12 months and will roll over quarter-to-quarter. If your application has not been selected after 12 months, your application will be closed and you will need to reapply.


If you want to update any of your information, you can submit a new application at any time and it will replace your old application.

What is the selection committee looking for in my answers?

We are looking for well thought out concepts, ideas, and actions. We encourage well-rounded applicants in their dancing and in their community. So the more you've thought about your dance goals, participate in your  community, and are thinking in-depth about possible ways to improve your community, the more competitive  your application will be.

Why do you have a rotating selection criteria?

Each person is unique and therefore have their own strengths, capabilities, and inspirations. Some dancers may not have a clear direction on what they need to work on in their dancing but they are very involved in their community. Having a wide range of opportunities to earn the award allows everyone the chance even if they aren't well rounded yet.

Do I need to answer all 3 "essay" questions?

No, but to be eligible for all 4 quarters you'll want to submit something for each question. E.g. If you want to only apply for 1 of the questions, you'll only be eligible for 1/4 quarters so it is best to submit something for each section. This is to encourage well-rounded dancers to not only focus on their dancing but the community as well.

What if I don't get chosen for multiple quarters?

We have many applicants, and while we would love to give awards to everyone, we award our funding to the strongest applicants. We recommend talking a look at your application (we suggest typing your application in a separate document so you can update as needed) and submitting a more thorough application with more community involvement or more in-depth dance goals.

Can I share this fund with my community?

Yes! We encourage spreading the word for the Private Lesson Fund. We are excited to share our fund with as many applicants as possible and the more donations we get, the more we can give!

Are the awards kept private?

Absolutely, your application and any awards will be kept confidential outside of the PLF but you are welcome to share as you'd like.

Can I reapply after I receive an award?

Yes! 3 months from the date you are notified you can re-apply (hopefully with some new-ish content).

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