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Partnered Instructors
Partner instructors are teachers who have lowered their normal private lesson fee to match the award amount so the student doesn't pay out of pocket for any remaining fee not covered by the award.

We do not currently have any partnered instructors.

If you are an instructor and would like to become a partnered instructor, please email us at

Please note, we are not affiliated with and do not endorse any instructor listed as a partnered instructor. Awardees are welcome to choose any* instructor they wish.
Instructor Info
Once an awardee is chosen and gets approval for an instructor, the awardee will reach out to you to schedule a private lesson and should let you know they were awarded funding.

Please schedule a lesson with the awardee as per your normal practice. The awardee will inform us when the lesson has taken place and we will reach out to confirm with you or you with us (a group chat with one of the board members is sufficient).

After the lesson is completed, within 7 days you will receive payment via check or PayPal (or other means if needed).

Please email us with any questions at
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